The Team


The Community Hope Center is sponsored through a partnership of PureWater Ministries and Household of Faith Family Worship Church International. Special thanks to Pastor Barriere and the entire HOF Family for literally opening the doors to make this a reality.  Together we are working to be a blessing to the Body of Christ, our local community and our world! Our prayer is that other ministries and believers join us in this kingdom project. Partnership is divine! Pray about what you can do. Click Here To Give  or email us about partnership at

 The CoreTEAM

  • Tiffany Joseph/Ruth DeBeau, Intercessory Prayer Leaders
  • Tara Alexander, Executive Director
  • Jeffery Alexander, Director of Stewardship
  • Brian Russell, Outreach Operations
  • Kim Andres, Counseling & Social Services
  • Natalie Toppins Rowe, Community Relations
  • Ruth DeBeau, Education & Evaluation Coordinator
  • Nikia Russell, Youth Services Coordinator
  • Beverly Smith, Women’s Restoration Initiative
  • Juan & Karma Champion, Street Team Coordinators
  • Tammy Williams, Media Consultant
  • Dawn Cooper, Volunteers/Living Proof Coordinator
  • Tierra Alexander, Admin. Office Coordinator/Una Palabra
  • Camurria Cooper, Una Palabra /LightHouse Math Lab
  • Jade Russell, Entrepreneurial Training
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