Mission 180

Mission 180 (For Youth with Incarcerated Parents) – an inspirational outreach lead by Natalie Toppins Rowe.  Mission 180 helps youth make the choices that will take them in the right direction. This outreach gives youth the tools needed to cope with the challenges of their parents being incarcerated. Natalie identifies with youth and lets them in on how God helped her to make better choices even in this difficult situation. Promises to be inspiring. Check the schedule for dates and times.

Mission 180 (For Parents with Incarcerated Children)- an outreach for parents and families with children who are incarcerated. This support outreach helps families deal with the challenges they face in this critical time. Parents often share that they themselves feel inprisoned when this hits their home. We pray this outreach helps parents find the tools needed to pray for and be an inspiration for their children & family during these difficult circumstances. We want parents to know that the Word of God will still work even behind prison bars.

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