Hope & Healing

At The Community Hope Center, we offer seminars and support groups aimed at helping people overcome life’s hurdles. Our workshops are times of healing and restoration for the spirit & the soul.

 Overcoming Substance Abuse– At The Community Hope Center, we believe that chemical dependency is a progressive disease that alters the mental, spiritual and physical growth of the affected person. The disease compromises the person’s physical integrity and has many consquences impacting social relationships, vocational skills and health. Our mission is to provide hope for the chemically dependent in becoming sober and productive members of society.

Overcoming Codependency– Kim Andres, our onsite social worker, hosts a support group for those families who have loved ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The group will help each other walk through the highs and lows of addiction and provide suggestions and tools to help make it through the uncertainity of the challenge.

Overcoming Sexual Abuse– In this session, participants will walk through the scriptures to find solutions to walking in the victory over this very prevalent form of abuse. The sessions focus on the spiritual and practical steps taken by overcomers to walk in healing and freedom.

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