The Mission

The Community Hope Center is a missions & ministry center in the New Orleans community that focuses on empowering the body of Christ through training & development, helping the needy through missions outreach and establishing faith-based community programming for inner-city residents.

 (The Community Hope Center is A PureWater Ministries-Household of Faith Collaborative Outreach)

The Kingdom Agenda: Why are we doing it?                                               

Our kingdom agenda includes providing an intergenerational, non-denominational, multicultural place for believers to be established in the great commission. The Community Hope Center ensures that the Body of Christ has a place to go to for resources and training. As our world goes into the direction that Jesus said in Matthew 24, we will need more trained people in the kingdom to help in times of crisis. This center provides both the opportunity for spiritual and practical training as well as act as the needed distribution center for those in crisis circumstances. This balance of training and distribution makes the center a place of resource that is needed in our community. Moreover, The Community Hope Center is that place of possibility for those who may need a place to use their gifts and talents by serving others.  Our greatest guarantee to assuring that people are being loved and respected in the way that Jesus taught is to ensure that what we do at the center is being done in a way that glorifies God, lifts up our neighbors and heals the hurting heart. For more information, feel free to contact us at info@thecommunityhopecenter.com

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